9479013686 Jai Krista Convent High School, Pahurbel, Chhattisgarh, India.

School Building

The whole campus is beautifully land scaped with gardens and shady trees. Children enjoy cool shades of trees at leisure. The love birds add the beauty of campus enormously.


Area of campus Area of campus 12140.6 (in sq. mts)
Total built up area  6123 (in sq. mts)
Area of Playground  4100 (in sq. mts)
Advanced Computer Lab  1
Maths Lab
Physics & Chemistry  Lab  1
Composite Science Lab  1
Modern Class rooms  20
Other room  5
Library  1


School facilities:

Library: The Pupil should cultivate the good habit of reading books. Books are the best friend of a person our school has a well stock of books It has a number of periodicals magazines, encyclopedias to all subjects. The school lays a greater emphasis on their reading skills under the guidance if an efficient Librarian Sathiyamoorthi. It has around a total collection of 3884 books at present.
Laboratories: It has an efficient laboratory like Science lab, Maths lab, Physics Lab, with the instruments in it.
Computer Lab: The change of trends of science and technology laid the major part of the words. The school has well equipped computer lab with efficient teachers. The school class rooms has digitally rooms which makes the students to understand their concept clear.
Clubs: The school has different clubs such as science, Echo club to enhance their knowledge and to become more socialist in every streams of their life.
Medical facilities: Sound mind in a sound body which means a person healthy in body and mind only is a full person. Jaikrista maintains a regular medical checkup in every session to ensure proper growth and development of children.
Staff: The greatest assets of our school are their dedicated and hardworking staffs who breathe life of knowledge in to the young minds through their selfless service.
Excursion & adventurous activities: Jaikrista Students are also explore for the excursion as study tour every alternative year where they visit and study about the people, culture and different training like leadership, skill etc in more advanced way.