9479013686 Jai Krista Convent High School, Pahurbel, Chhattisgarh, India.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Written application must be made by the parent or guardian for the T.C. of Pupil. All fees and other dues to the school must be paid up before the T.C. is issued.
  2. No. Pupil will be allowed to leave school during class time unless a responsible person comes for him/har with a letter from the parent.
  3. Any request to take the children for feasts and marriage will never be entertained during the working days.
  4. Children should be regular for the school. Late comers will not be allowed
  5. Admission of the student in the school will be on the basis of merit.
  6. The pupil’s name will be struck off the rolls if he/she is absent consecutively for fifteen days without written application for leave.
  7. A minimum attendance of 80% of the working days will only qualify a student for promotion.
  8. Attendance is compulsory on National Holidays, such as the Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Christmas, opening and closing days of the term and opening days after special holidays and other days specially asked from the school. Absence on these days will be punishable, in case of sickness; it must be notified to the school authorities in time.
  9. Medical leave for more than three days must be invariably be accompanied with medical certificate.
  10. Only the form given in the hand book must be used for leave application. Leave applications must bear the signature of the parents. Failure to submit the application for leave will render a student liable to be sent home.
  11. Non-observance of these rules will be regarded as a serious breach of discipline and may result in the pupil’s name being removed from the rolls.
  12. Children doing any kind of malpractice during the exam will be debarred from the entire session and be dismissed from the school.
  13. Absence from tests may exclude the pupil from prized and other awards.
  14. Discipline and virtue are the hallmarks of every Student. We expect that the students entrusted to our care, will conduct themselves to the full satisfaction of all.
  15. All the pupils should be present in school on the first day of each term without fail. Regular attendance is a prerequisite to good education and an important factor in deciding promotion.
  16. Absolute silence must be maintained at all places during the teaching hours, whether it is the library, the computer room, or on way to and from the class rooms etc.
  17. It is compulsory to speak in English within the premises in order to facilitate the students with the use of the medium of instruction
  18. Pupils shall not keep money along with them. The school does not take any responsibility for the loss of books, money, stationery etc. Each student is responsible for his/her own things.
  1. Pupils are not allowed to give gifts to any of the members of the staff without the permission from the principal.
  2. Students should be friendly, courteous and co-operative toward other students of the schools, creating everyone with respect and conducting themselves in a dignified manner Calling nick names spreading rumors etc are strictly for bidden.
  3. Students must come to school in time, neatly dressed, with lessons well prepared and home work done. Text exercise books and material for drawing, Art-craft should be brought to school according to the day’s routine.
  4. Students repeatedly coming late or forgetting to bring books, stationary etc. coming without proper uniform may be fined.
  5. Students are not allowed to visit staff-room without permission of either the principal or the teachers.
  6. Students arrive at the school 10 minutes before assembly.
  7. Silence must be observed outside the Principal’s Office.


Bus Rules

  1. All Students using the school bus are expected to be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the arrival of the bus.
  2. The Bus will not wait for the late comers.
  3. Children should stay away from the main road until the bus stops.
  4. The drivers are authorized to stop bus at designated stops only, unless otherwise directed by the school authority.
  5. When the bus is in motion students must not move around and no part of their body should be outside the bus.
  6. Unruly behaviors like hauling and shouting inside the bus is strictly prohibited.
  7. On receiving any complaint about any students indulging in indiscipline or being disobedient to the bus staff or bus in charge, the but facility for the students shall be withdrawn.
  8. Parents are requested not to deal with the drivers and conductors directly. Any complaint shall be reported to the school office directly.
  9. If is hare by notified to all parents who wish to send their wards to the school by the school bus facility that the risk and responsibility of their wards shall solely rest upon themselves.