9479013686 Jai Krista Convent High School, Pahurbel, Chhattisgarh, India.

Correspondent’s Message

Success of a nation depends on education of its people. Education has to be at the core of national development of education system as it lays strong foundation for further learning.  In the words of Dalai Lama, When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.

I am honoured and feel very privileged to be the Manager of Jai krista Convent School, Pahurbel which focuses on discovering, developing and drawing out the hidden talents of all its students. I am very happy with the progress the School has made by imbibing in its students value based education synergized with modern teaching-learning methods to produce a generation of well informed and emotionally sound generation.

We spare no efforts to make the educational experience of our students meaningful and relevant to the socio-economic needs of the times & to equip our youth to face the challenges of the future for leading the society from the front, while ensuring that at the same time they are enjoying their experience of learning.

My very competent team of teachers strive to focus on each and every child, monitor and mentor them, appreciate their achievement and encourage them to overcome their shortcomings. I urge all the teachers to create appropriate, meaningful and participative learning situations, inculcating life skills in the impressionable children and appreciating their smallest efforts with all generosity and broadness of vision.

Parents need to devote quality time with their wards. As parents, we need you to develop a close rapport with the school & the teachers, in order to smoother the ups & downs in the child’s development. Let us all contribute to the all round development of the child & be enriched with learning experiences.

We often admire, appreciate, envy and are also awestruck at people who have climbed heights and reached the desired summits. But we, remain in oblivious to the amount of hard work or labor put in by the individuals to reach the desired goals & heights.  So I expect all our students of Jai krista, to  strive hard to accomplish the cherished goals in their life.

With best wishes,
Sr. Celine Geroge MSMI